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my name is Daniel Kim, and today is finally the day I got my grubby hands on a colorful whimsical take on the iPhone C. Yes, the iPhone C is like the monkfish to the lobster (if you don't get the analogy, monkfish is like a cheaper, less delicious version of lobster). Anywho, Lets get to the point.

After weeks of begging for money, I finally saw and touched an iPhone C. Apple's colorful new phone was designed for the lower cost smart phone market, below the iPhone 5s (the flagship phone), which debuted with its signature OS 7.

This is actually a defining moment in Apple's Career: this is the first time Apple has launched two mediocre new iPhones simultaneously. YAY!!

According to Apple, the 5c model is supposed to replace the iPhone 5, and the 8GB iPhone is available for free with a contract from several different companies. What is quite wierd is the fact the the iPhone 5 (the original, ancient in tech years) does not carry on as a second tier device. It is now gone from the regular lineup in the Apple Store.

The iPhone 5c is built with a steel reinforced, colored polycarbonate that has a glossy finish. The 5c comes is many different colors of the rainbow (go gays!)

Basically, what is different about the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5 (original) is the fact taht there is a better front camera with a global LTE supoort. The prices are quite misleading. While the website indicates that you can purchase an iPhone 5c with 99 dollars, you can't. You have to have a fucking two year contract. This means that it will total to more than three grand in total. Wait, 99 dollars? Girl bye.

It is clear why the price of the actual device (yes Apple, I still have to pay 700 dollars for the iPhone because I didn't purchase a contract). According to many sources, the iPhone 5c is quite cheaply manufactured by hard working children in China who don't get to eat unless they make 500 iphones an hour (that was completely exaggerated, or was it??). The profit margin is significantly higher on the 5c, compared to the original, which is probably why it got replaced in the first place.

Lets get in to the juicy bitchy details, shall we?

Although the four (the ancient iPhone 4, remember) was much better than the 5's new screen resolution, I believe that the iPhone 5c is aesthetically pleasing. Props to you, Apple! Although I prefer aluminum or glass over plastic, the color just brings another facet of the design that screams "originality", and "BUY ME YOU STUPID BITCH". I think the color brings out the child in all of us and appeals to our emotional side. But regarding anything else like, performance, screen quality, and most of the camera quality, it is idententical to the iPhone 5.

There might be a logical explanation why Apple chose to do this this year. The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone that did not have any obvious limitations. It had a bigger screen, and it supported 4G LTE. It also was a high performance device, and was the first flagship Apple device that remained as the top of the line for one entire year.

This year's iphone 5s's only advantage is the faster processor, slightly improved camera, and the fingerprint sensor. Why wouldn't you get the cheaper choice, the iPhone C?

Instead of talking about specs, like a nerd, (sorry, for all the self proclaimed nerds out there), I want to talk about the new cases they come with. The case is where Apple added the whimsical touch that every masterpiece has to have. It is a silicone case that has 35 holes in the back, which les the phone's primary color show through and blend with another complementary color. It is very safe, and will not crack your screen from a drop to the concrete (yes, I tested it).

So there you have it. Take the guts of the iPhone 5, add a splash of color, some smooth and solid plastic, and a unique but overpriced case, and you have the iPhone 5c. It isn't quite as high-end as the iPhone 5s, but it's still pretty darn close.

And let's face it: though gadgets like the iPhone serve plenty of practical purposes, we enjoy them much like children enjoy toys. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to make a toy new again.

So Final verdict is: Buy the fucking iPhone C instead of the overpriced 100 hundred more dollar costing iPhone 5s.

Til Next Time,
Daniel Kim


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